Sam Tubiolo   Architectual Terra-Cotta and Sculpture
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Transitions entry way with large boulders

Location: Hazel Avenue Light Rail Station
12500 Folsom Blvd., Rancho Cordova, CA
Funded by: Sacramento Regional Transit District
Architects: Acanthus Studio, Inc.
Contractor: J.F. Otto, Inc.
Media: concrete, stone, ceramic tile, landscaping 
Dimensions: approx. 100 feet x 40 feet   
Date completed: 2005 


Transitions, a public artwork designed for the Hazel light rail station along the corridor between Sacramento and Folsom, is an abstraction of the American River canyon, with sloping mountain walls, a variety of trees, granite boulders, and inlaid ceramic tiles. Straight linear walkways intersect and lead across platform and plaza areas. These intersections and landscape plantings create angled geometric forms interacting with playful tile water patterns rippling from the waterfalls “spilling” into the plaza.

The overall environment created is based upon a microcosm of the river canyon as it opens up to the valley. Encompassed are themes of change in landforms, movement of water, and human activity.

The wilderness plays contrast to the commuter march. Visual impact from vertical forms, color and texture can be seen from all directions. In the morning, on their way to the light rail, people walk between stone portals, marking the shift from personal time to work time. At the end of the day, exiting the train, a relaxed setting welcomes the transition from work back to personal time. A meandering walk across the suggestion of rippling water through a rock garden landscape evokes a sense of relaxation and appreciation of natural surroundings. The transitions from mountain to valley, work to play flow in the cycle of daily life.


copyright  ©2008 Sam Tubiolo