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Evidence of Life      



Location: Mace Ranch Park, Davis
Commissioned by the City of Davis, CA
Media: Earthen berms, stone, ceramic tile, concrete
Date completed: 2006


Evidence of Life consist of a solar calendar, a winding path and inlaid tiles reaching around a wildlife habitat.

The solar calendar includes an earthen spiral (50 feet in diameter) with upright stones set to align, marking sunrises and sunsets at each solstice and equinox. In the center of the spiral rests a flat stone seat for the viewer to “activate” the calendar. The stones in the spiral align with marker stones, approximately 350-400 feet away at various points along the opposite perimeter of the habitat area, pointing toward the horizon.

The 4000+ tiles (many of them made by local residents) present marks, impressions, and images referring to plants and animals residing in and passing through the site. These inlaid tiles follow a meandering path around the habitat section of the park. As time passes, we can watch changes in the park through the seasons and the years.


copyright  ©2008 Sam Tubiolo